Plan 11222G

  • 1,781

    Heated s.f.

  • 3


  • 2.5


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Exterior Elevations 
Scaled drawings of the front, rear, sides of the home. Information pertaining to the exterior finish materials, roof pitches and exterior height dimensions.

Cabinet Plans 
These plans, or in some cases elevations, will detail the layout of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets at a larger scale. Available for most plans.

Typical Wall Section 
This section will address insulation, roof components, and interior and exterior wall finishes. Your plans will be designed with either 2x4 or 2x6 exterior walls, but most professional contractors can easily adapt the plans to the wall thickness you require.

Fireplace Details 
If the home you have chosen includes a fireplace, the fireplace detail will show typical methods to construct the firebox, hearth and flue chase for masonry units, or a wood frame chase for a zero-clearance unit. Available for most plans.

Foundation Plan 
These plans will accurately dimension the footprint of your home including load bearing points and beam placement if applicable. The foundation style will vary from plan to plan.

Roof Plan 
The information necessary to construct the roof will be included with your home plans. Some plans will reference roof trusses, while many others contain schematic framing plans. These framing plans will indicate the lumber sizes necessary for the rafters and ridgeboards based on the designated roof loads.

Typical Cross Section 
A cut-away cross-section through the entire home shows your building contractor the exact correlation of construction components at all levels of the house. It will help to clarify the load bearing points from the roof all the way down to the basement. Available for most plans.

Detailed Floor Plans 
The floor plans of your home accurately dimension the positioning of all walls, doors, windows, stairs and permanent fixtures. They will show you the relationship and dimensions of rooms, closets and traffic patterns. The schematic of the electrical layout may be included in the plan.

Stair Details 
If stairs are an element of the design you have chosen, the plans will show the necessary information to build these, either through a stair cross section, or on the floor plans.

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  • 1,781

    Heated s.f.

  • 3


  • 3


  • 2


  • 2

    Car garage

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About This Plan

Floor Plans

  • Main Level

  • 2nd Floor

Plan Details

Square Footage Breakdown

  • Total Heated Area: 1,781 sq. ft.
  • 1st Floor: 986 sq. ft.
  • 2nd Floor: 795 sq. ft.
  • Basement Unfinished: 986 sq. ft.
  • Deck: 110 sq. ft.
  • Porch, Front: 20 sq. ft.


  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Full bathrooms: 2
  • Half bathrooms: 1

Foundation Type

    • Standard Foundations: Basement

Exterior Walls

  • Standard Type(s): 2x6


  • Width: 43' 0"
  • Depth: 46' 0"
  • Max ridge height: 28' 0"


  • Type: Attached
  • Area: 484 sq. ft.
  • Count: 2 Cars
  • Entry Location: Front

Ceiling Heights

  • Floor / Height: First Floor / 8' 0" Second Floor / 8' 0"


  • Primary Pitch: 8 on 12
  • Framing Type: Stick