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Beach Home Plan Perfection

Plan 60050RC

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About this Plan

  • This beach home plan is the perfect addition to any coastline. The layout and rear-facing design give you excellent views of the ocean shore or inland. The free-flowing, open layout is perfect for entertaining guest on the weekends at the beach.
  • The front exterior of this home is actually the traditional rear of the home. The home is raised up on piers to allow for parking underneath. This places the first safe from the water and closer to good views. On the waterside of the first level is a large deck with a covered portion. This deck leads to the main entrance.
  • The living room features a wood-burning fireplace, French doors, and large windows. It is open to the kitchen with island and dining area.
  • The first floor has two secondary bedrooms that share a full bath. It also has a utility closet for the washer and dryer. Stairs in the living room lead to the upper floor. The upper floor is home to the master suite plus another bedroom suite.
  • The Master Bedroom is quite large. It has two walk-in closets and a full bath with both shower and tub. Along the waterside wall are two sets of French doors that lead to a large balcony. This balcony is a perfect place to watch the sun set over the beach.
  • This house plan measures 36' (including the piers) from the ground to the top point of the hip roof section. The piers measure 8'5'. This part has a 12/12 roof pitch which can easily lessened to reduce ridge height if your running into height restrictions.
  • The house is 33' wide without the fireplace and 32' deep without porches.
  • The roof pitch is 12:12
  • Related Plan: For a smaller version, see house plan 60044RC (1,650 sq. ft.).

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