It is Easy to Modify Your House Plan. Here's How!

Many of our customers choose to modify their plan. In most instances the architect or building designer prefers not to do this work. As a result we have our own building designer who, along with his staff, performs this work for our customers. You may also have your builder undertake this change, or hire someone locally. However we are here if you need us.

The easiest way to receive a free modification estimate within 2 to 4 business days is to use the Modify Plan button associated with any plan you are looking at:

If the plan you wish to modify is not online, click here to complete our Modification Request Form.

Either way, be sure to provide the plan number (if it hasn't been automatically filled in) and a clear description of the changes you are requesting, which might include the following:

1. Altering the type of foundation.

2. Enlarging or adding a garage.

3. Adding to or reducing the size of one or more rooms. Those on the extremity would be the most cost-efficient.

4. Changing the garage entry.

5. Altering the exterior.

6. Or anything else.

Because all our plans are copywritten by the architect or building designer, when you are ready to proceed you will be required to purchase a version that comes with a copyright release - either the reproducible set (a physical set of plans), PDF (sent by email) or CAD file (digital file which allows a professional to modify the house plan using CAD software) - which allows you to both alter the plan and make additional copies once the changes have been made.

You will see sketches of your changes and get to approve of them before any work is completed. Additional information:

1. We only charge you for the original plan. Once we do, we have the designer contact you to begin preparing sketches for your review, comment and ultimate approval.

2. Once you give your approval on a final draft, the designer completes your changes and sends you the custom plans. You pay him for his quoted services at this time.

3. Every page of the plan affected is redrawn - including elevations - so you receive a custom set of plans showing all your changes on the inside and out.

4. All modifications are made to meet national building codes. If needed, we can quote separately on getting your plans stamped to meet code in any state. Most of our clients, however, do this on their end when required.

5. Time and cost estimates are valid for ninety days.