Architectural Designs has been selling quality pre-drawn house plans (and garage plans too!) for over 40 years.

We offer home plans from over 200 architects and residential building designers across North America and beyond. We add to our portfolio on a daily basis.

Plans come in all shapes, sizes and architectural styles and are suitable for all budgets. We offer everything from small starter homes to one-of-a-kind luxury homes. Any of our plans can be modified to suit your needs.

We offer an exclusive cost estimating service called a QuikQuote, a report which tells you how much it costs to build a specific plan in a specific zip or postal code anywhere in North America. The report is prepared by our seasoned staff, and breaks down the costs into major categories. As an added bonus, the QuikQuote gives you the ability to adjust the settings of the home to incorporate changes you plan to make - at no additional cost - once you get it. The report comes by email and comes with access to the online tool used to create it so you can modify it to match changes you want to make to the plan.

The plans in our curated portfolio come from designers and architects. All plans we offer were created to meet the IRC at the time they were drawn.

Architectural Designs is privately owned by Joel and Jon Davis and has been in business for over 40 years.

Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz
Jon Davis in Wilton, CT on Houzz

Our Team

Jon Davis


Jon, owner of Architectural Designs is the glue that keeps it all running.  His positive attitude, passion about his family-run business and customer-centric focus has created a magical workplace for his team. Jon IS Architectural Designs!

Kitty Connor

Director of Sales & Marketing

Kitty juggles it all, is a problem-solver down to her core, and spearheads marketing and customer service. Finding that combination in one body is an amazing thing, and we’re lucky to have her on our team.

Megan Lane

Business Manager

Where dollar signs are involved, Megan is there to sort them out. Megan’s two decades of dedication to Architectural Designs is, in a word, invaluable.

Deirdre Hunter

Customer Service Associate

Deirdre handles all things customer service and does them with a huge smile! She is here to answer questions, facilitate modification requests and just about anything else that comes her way. She has a positive energy and attitude and is a gal you will enjoying hearing on the other end of the phone!

David Woolery

Marketing & Customer Service Associate

David’s great graphic eye and great way with customers makes him an invaluable member of our team. He makes our plans look as good as they can be – whether new ones or client photos – and assists customers when not using those skills.

Patrick Conklin

Customer Service Associate

Patrick is most likely the person you’ll talk to – or email with – if you are one of the thousands of people who contact us to make changes to our designs. His customer service skills are wonderful and we’re lucky to have him on our team.

Ryan Bard

Marketing Associate

“The Kid”, has been a member of the AD team since high school and is a Photoshop ninja.