That’s one of the things I love about this site compared to others – you have a lot more photos of clients’ homes. It is particularly helpful for my husband who feels he can’t get a good sense for what a home will look like on the inside just based off of the plan. He really wanted to find a plan that had photos he could look at, so it’s great that this particular plan has been built a number of times and features lots of client albums.

You guys are great...our experience with your company has been stellar from the very beginning.

I am blown away by your customer service. Since we order our plans, everyone we have talked to through architectural designs has been nothing shy of GREAT! I will purchase right away. I cannot thank you enough for making this so easy. We are building Washington and would love to send you photos throughout the building process and of course the finished product. Being able to look at photos of real homes that were built was so helpful when choosing a plan for us, so I would love to give back and provide you guys with more testimonials and photos!

Thank you for beautiful plan, fantastic customer service and the added benefit of purchasing from a company that has a real vested interest in their product, hence why you have been successful for 40 years. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your business and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to personal reply to my emails. Very impressive!

Being in the spec home building business, we’re in constant search of house plans. I came across Architectural Designs a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. They always have what I’m looking for and deliver plans via email super fast! We’re so fortunate a lot of our homes are sold before completion and we owe a huge part of that to AD! It’s my first stop every time when searching and I also refer a lot of clients for custom builds to their site as well. The people are great to work with and always quick to respond!

I simply wanted to say I LOVE your website. It is so well organized and easy to use. Let anyone know that is responible for this amazing website layout that they did a great job and they should be very proud of themselves. Also the house plans are superb compared to any other house plan websites.

I have looked on other house designs websites. Man, this website is superior to others. Because, the photos are visually appealing, easy to read plans, this website makes me want to visit the plans again and again. So many great designs, but hard to choose which one

Love your website and all the plans available. If you can’t find what you want with Architectural Designs, it probably doesn’t exist! It was so fun looking at all the plans and pictures of actual builds. When I finally found the one that had everything on my checklist, we were excited to get started. Customer service is awesome. We received our plans quickly and have been in touch a few times. Love how we were checked on during our build! You have a great team!

Thank you for the detailed instructions! It is really refreshing to know the reviews I read regarding your EXCELLENT customer service are accurate!

I am addicted to scrolling through all the Instagram accounts with your plans. I really haven't looked any other places for plans besides your site because I have enjoyed it so much!

Most of the plans I liked and made my choice from were pretty much all from your site in the end. So, really great collections and search features compared to other sites. Plus,you all are really quick to respond to my questions, so REALLY great customer service. That's a big deal for me. I'll definitely be recommending your site for others.

We spend endless hours viewing home plans from all sorts of sites online. Architectural Designs's site is one of the most user friendly for us and our clients. There is a great selection of plans, with a wide variety to choose from. Being able to see actual pictures helps our clients envision the home both inside and out. This is a great benefit vs. just seeing black and white floor plans.