3-Bay Detached Garage with Room Above

Plan 2393JD

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  • NOTE: Additional fees apply when building in the State of Washington. Contact us for more information.

Each plan set includes the following:

Cover Sheet
The cover sheet includes the general notes and building code information, design standards and structural materials specifications required to construct your home.
Schedule Sheet
The schedule sheet includes the roof and foundation ventilation schedules, insulation and vapor barrier specifications, and exhaust fan ventilation schedule.
Detail Sheet
The detail sheet shows building components at large scale as required to explain construction of footings, foundation walls, concrete slabs, framed floors and walls, posts, beams, insulation, eaves, roofs, vents, stairs, skylights, and connections.
Foundation Plan Sheet
The foundation plan sheet shows the layout of the crawl space, walk-out basement or slab foundation. The foundation plan includes all necessary notes, dimensions, concrete walls, footing pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, crawlspace vents, footing schedule, steel reinforcing, and structural information. If you require a different foundation type, please contact us for modifications to your plan.
Floor Plan Sheet
Floor plans are horizontal cuts through each floor level of the home, usually at 5' above the floor. The floor plan shows the location of interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, stairs, closets, cabinets, flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, posts and beams. Floor plans also indicate vaulted, coffered, or box beam ceilings, cased openings and areas with ceiling soffits.
Roof Framing Plan Sheet
The roof framing plan shows the geometry of the hips, ridges, valleys, dormers, roof pitches, wall and plate heights, and overhangs. The plan also shows all individual roof framing members, trusses, rafters, beams, skylights, roof vents, gutters, downspouts, skylights, bearing walls under framing members, and point loads.
Elevation Sheet
Exterior elevations show all four sides of the house, describing the roofing, siding, and trim materials, doors, windows, roof pitches, skylights, gutters, chimneys, wall heights, finish grade and overall building height. 
Building Section Sheet
Building sections are vertical cuts through the house from the roof to the foundation. The sections illustrate the construction sequence from bottom to top starting with excavation, proceeding up through the foundation, drainage, wall and floor framing, stair framing, roof framing, windows, doors, venting, and exterior and interior finishes. Wall plate heights for each floor are also delineated.
Please note that an electrical schematic is not included. 

Floor Plan

Plan details

Architectural Style


3-Bay Detached Garage with Room Above

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    Heated s.f.

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    Car garage

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About This Plan

  • NOTE: Additional fees apply when building in the State of Washington. Contact us for more information.

Floor Plans

  • Main Level

  • 2nd Floor

Plan Details

Square Footage Breakdown

  • Total Heated Area: 0 sq. ft.
  • Loft: 760 sq. ft.


  • Bedrooms:
  • Full bathrooms:

Foundation Type

    • Standard Foundations: Slab

Exterior Walls

  • Standard Type(s): 2x6


  • Width: 44' 0"
  • Depth: 36' 0"
  • Max ridge height: 23' 0"


  • Type: Detached
  • Area: 1232 sq. ft.
  • Count: 3 Cars
  • Entry Location: Front

Ceiling Heights

  • Floor / Height: First Floor / 9' 0" Second Floor / 7' 0"


  • Primary Pitch: 8 on 12
  • Framing Type: Stick and Truss